Pork Vindaloo for Jamie Oliver

Watch me cooking authentic pork vindaloo for the fine folks of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube. Don’t forget to leave me a comment. The recipe is here is you want to make it.

4 responses to “Pork Vindaloo for Jamie Oliver”

  1. Ansu says:

    Terrific. I don’t think I’ll make this since I’m not eating pork these days but darn you make everything seem so appetizing.

    Give it a shot with chicken on lamb if you fancy! Hope you like it M x

  2. Sen says:

    Hi Indian Food Tuber,

    It’s pork….. for you guys……

    no chicken or lamb…..

    looks for only Indian NRI target market……

    It’s called being creative! But vindaloo is authentically pork, yes M x

  3. Theo says:

    I’ve never had this dish before, but decided to try making it since it seemed easy enough and you sold it well. This was one of the easiest Indian dishes I’ve ever made. I used chicken thighs this time, added a little bit more onion, one whole canned tomato, and Kashmiri chili powder and clove powder instead of grinding whole spices. I roasted all the spices (including the powders) on a pan. That really brought out the flavors, as you said!

    It turned out sweeter than I expected, which my wife loved.

    Next time, I will use pork and will add some hot chili powder along with the Kashmiri chilis. This sauce was incredible.

    Thank you for sharing these well-made videos!

  4. Han says:

    Dear Mallika, just to let you know that I used this recipe for a pheasy vindaloo (i.e. pheasant) and it was spectacular! Together with vegetable Dals, Basmati rice and your ‘very best cucumber raita’, table guests went back for second and third helpings. Thank you for publishing your knowledge on the web! Kind regards, Han.

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