New Year, Same me

Mallika Basu - New Year, Same me

Posted 7th January 2016


Happy New Year to you all! Now I don’t know about you but there’s an awful lot of New Year, New You business going on in January. Clean eating is the diet du jour. And absolutely everyone appears to be tormenting themselves with a dry January.

I am happy to confess that I am falling for none of this seasonal punishment. It’s very much New Year, same me as far as I am concerned. Albeit a few more grey and consequentially, wiser. I hope. This year will be all about food, family, friends and satisfaction. As it is every year.

And food and satisfaction was the subject of a talk I gave yesterday at The Quarter Club: network of fiercely, ambitious, creative women. Fiercely petrified, I braved them after three glasses of bellini. And this is what I said;

  • Food is satisfaction
  • A balanced life starts with a balanced diet
  • Eat to nourish yourself

I hope you agree. Have a brilliant year filled with all things delicious.

2 responses to “New Year, Same me”

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  2. ritika says:

    five month late to this. but never too late to be inspired. food is satisfaction. we eat to nourish.

    Too true and better late than never 😉 M x

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