Miss Masala – Spinach and Lentil Dal Video

11 responses to “Miss Masala – Spinach and Lentil Dal Video”

  1. Lee says:

    WOW! Your website looks amazing now. So much brighter and nicer to look at than before. Nice one!

  2. Maninas says:

    heeey looking good! congratulations on your new look, and your new book! Well done! 😀

    and what a gorgeous dhal! I love the garlic and chili tarka!

  3. Ping says:

    Congrats on your new book! So that’s why I haven’t seen you here for awhile;) Thank you for showing me that I can add the yellow dahl to masoor! Will be making that soon. Love your new layout as well. Keep up the good work!!

  4. H-woman says:

    Love the new look! Heading to amazon now…


  5. pari says:

    Hi! Just wodering how much of the dal you have used? the recipe looks gr8 n i wanna try it.

  6. Mallika says:

    Thanks a lot guys! Pari – 50gm of each dal. There’s a recipe for Lasuni dal palak on this blog too. Enjoy!

  7. Felicia says:

    Hi Miss Masala! I’m reading the book at the moment and loving the combination of inviting recipes and witty storytelling. Absolutely delightfull! I’m working on a quick prawn and bean biryani (no ghee, I can’t digest milkstuffs) and I’m wondering what combination of spices would be suitable….. You’ve inspired me to start experimenting, normally I hate cooking! Thanks so much!

  8. walter says:

    Well what can I say?… Your book is fantastic. It is by far the most practical, down to earth, realistic publication relating to my favourite food. It is …. the BEST !!.
    I have tried some of your recipes.. and tecommended your book to at least a dozen people alrady ( I think that so far only six have gone our and bought it…)

    Just one thing though… you know when you are introducing nigella seeds… these are named Kalonji in some of the spice books I have.. The kala jeera is said to be related to caraway. I noticed that the Bengalis have called the same spice by different names.. is this the case?

    Anyway.. I am really glad I found you.. keep up the good work. Your book has already inspired me….creative.. yes…..my aim is eventually gain the ability to add originality… as you do.
    Thanks again.

  9. Mallika says:

    Hi Walter, so pleased you like the book! We Bengalis like complicating things! Nigella is called kala Jeera even though a separate spice exists linked to the cumin family. I’ll make sure I explicitly mention this in the reprint, to avoid any confusion.


  10. janaki says:

    dal without salt!!!!!!!!

  11. Mallika says:

    Hi Janaki, may the Lord forbid!!! Please add to your taste…

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