Some news and a Vodka Chilli Cocktail

Mallika Basu - Some news and a Vodka Chilli Cocktail

Posted 16th October 2008

I am pregnant. Yay – I have a perfectly legit reason to go clothes shopping. Boo – I can’t drink alcohol until March 2009.

On the bright side I didn’t get any of the really bad sickness. Although I am craving a double G&T and OTC drugs. A positive sign of the sprog’s superlative genetic makeup methinks.

While I keep going as normal on Virgin Mary, the news seems to be having a strange effect on people around me. They are now full of dubious parenting advice, odd requests for baby scan photos and fewer expletives.

And call me old fashioned, but since when has groping someone’s protruding belly been considered acceptable public behaviour? I might start returning the favour soon.

Just when I was taking it all under my stride, two things happened – I caught a cold and my version of mother’s special recipe for Vodka Chilli Cocktail made the cut for a newspaper feature.

Oh, cruel world…

Here’s to the future. I’ll take two sips.

Nourishes 2:

  • 4 green finger chillies
  • Half tsp black salt
  • Half tsp freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 lime
  • 1 can lemonade
  • 2 single shots of Smirnoff Vodka
  • Ice
  • Martini glasses

Wash and pat the green chillies dry. Make a two-centimetre slit along the thickest part of each one taking care not to cut through the chilli. In a small cup, mix together the black salt and pepper. With the tip of the knife, stuff the slits with the salt and pepper mix.

Now measure a shot of vodka into each glass and place two chillies to soak in it. Leave to soak for at least 10 minutes, while you slice the lime and crush the ice. Then, add a handful of crushed ice to each glass, top with lemonade and a sprinkle of the remaining spice mix. Decorate with a slice of lime to serve.
Needless to say, this drink isn’t for the fainthearted. Enjoy with a curry if you dare.

43 responses to “Some news and a Vodka Chilli Cocktail”

  1. Lavanya says:

    Hey Mallika Congrats!!!!!!! this is such great news….I have been reading your blog for a while now…(please dont ask me why I havent left a comment..) mostly cos your witty repartee left me in splits…but i discovered I am preggers as well…and this calls for a double celebration…of virgin marys of course (sigh!!!)


  2. RedChillies says:

    Congratulations dear Mallika. Wishes for a happy and safe pregnancy! No parenting advise from me here :-)) Just enjoy every bit of it.

  3. Priya says:

    Hi Mallika…my hearty congrats..wishing you a safe, healthy n happy pregnancy…just enjoy each n every moments while caring…

  4. Bhawana says:

    wow Thats a great news Mallika, Congratulations dear. Enjoy evevry moment of it n be happy 🙂

  5. Krista says:


  6. beth says:

    Congratulations. I soo missed alcohol, but I have to admit to having the odd white wine spritzer – didn’t seem to do her any harm! Luckily Im not preganat at the moment so I can enjoy this fab drink

  7. mangs says:

    yay! congrats!
    pregnancy= more food cravings= more recipes… all good!
    (selfish me)

  8. Su-Lin says:

    yay! Congratulations!

  9. Rashmi says:

    what a wonderful news, hugs & heartiest congratulations.
    sprog does give indicators of superlative genetic makeup:D

  10. Pooh says:

    I am so thrilled for you guys! Abhinandan! Do leave us the occasional tidbit to let us know how the baby is progressing.

  11. priyanka says:

    Congratulations…..visiting your blog for the first time…loved reading your post…you have a wonderful sense of humor.

  12. sangeeth says:

    Congrats girl! and good luck with your pregnancy!

  13. veggiebelly says:

    Congratulations! Chili vodka sounds like a great recipe, I’ll be trying this soon.

  14. Happy Cook says:

    I lvoe chilie vodka.

  15. Jules says:

    Congratulations! Fantasic news.

  16. cassie says:

    Congratulations, Mallika! Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and happy pregnancy. 🙂

    The chilli vodka sounds fab!

  17. Wendy says:

    Wonderful news on a day where I need it! Fabulous. So pleased for you. Gush, gush, gush…

  18. Bharti says:

    Yah! Congrats! I won’t be groping your belly anytime soon but don’t mind if I bug you with advice now and then! Sending lots of good wishes your way….take care and eat right!( if you can go wrong with the menu on this blog).

  19. sra says:

    Now don’t tell me this good news will make you all kind and mellow – going by this post, likely you’ll remain your funny, wicked old self. 😀

    Best of luck!

  20. Mona says:

    Congratulions Mallika! Take care of yourselves.

  21. Oh, wow! Congratulations! Such wonderful news. Looking forward to seeing all your strange cravings recipes and then homemade baby food, hehe 🙂

  22. trupti says:

    wow! I am so happy for you! Take good care of yourself and the li’l one!

  23. Nags says:

    Congratulations!! This is so awesome 😀

  24. Smita says:

    Congratulations!!! Will hold the booze fort for you 😉

  25. Deeba says:

    Great news Mallika, & 2 sips of celebration are good enough!! GOOD FOR BOTH OF YOU…take care of yourself, luxuriate, indulge, shop & relax while the going is good!I’m quite the old-fashioned sorts too, & know what the feeling is; been there, done that. Life will never be the same again after the new arrival…he he!! That’s one neat drink & all the very bsat. Hugs Deeba

  26. Ritika says:

    Hey Mallika… Congrats. So happy for you.. Happy Pregnancy and Happy healthy eating. 🙂
    take care and enjoy the time.

  27. Broom says:

    Congratulations. Have a safe, happy and painless pregnancy.

  28. Shari says:

    Congratulations. 🙂

  29. Arundati says:

    Congratulations girl!! enjoy every moment of it….take care!! hugs!!

  30. Mallika says:

    Darling girl congratulations ! Raising a toast to the baby . Salut !

  31. Maninas says:

    WOW – Congratulations, dear Mallika! what a wonderful news! Hugz!!!

  32. harshika says:

    Hey Mallika,

    I am a regular visitor. commented a long long time ago. I enjoy your blog so much as well as trying out the different recipes. Excellent stuff.

    And now ure gonna be a mommy!! Yayy! Huge congratulations! I used to sometimes wonder about you wanting to become a mom, excuse my ole’indian nosey self!! I am preggers too, due in Dec. have fun girl, enjoy it all. Sometimes though cooking might be a bit a of a pain, when you just want a break and have someone doing it for you in turn….

    Have a healthy and safe pregnancy of whatever is left of it.


  33. Meghna says:

    Hey Mallika – fantastic news in this gloomy weather and economy – really happy for you – I am hoping interesting recipes will continue to follow?

  34. Eeshani says:

    Congratulations! I hope the rest of dry period will go safely and that The One brings you much joy :).

  35. Sudeshna says:

    Hi Mallika,
    Congrats on this great news. This cocktail looks really intoxicating. I’ll try it out the next time I party.

  36. mandira says:

    Congratulations Mallika, wonderful news! Hopefully the rest of the period will go smoothly too. I am a big advocate of vodka with chilli pepper. had it at a friend’s house and became a convert ever since 🙂

  37. kck says:

    mallika, another lurker here. Congratulations!!!

  38. Divya Vikram says:

    Thats great news Mallika..Congrats..

  39. Bhagyashri says:

    Hi Mallika,
    Congratulations on the great news.
    I have been a regular reader here & have loved your posts!

  40. TBC says:

    Hey Mallika,
    Congratulations!!! That’s such great news!
    Have a happy and healthy pregnancy! 😀

  41. elizabeth says:

    Oooooh!! Congratulations! What wonderful news!!!

  42. The latest scientific study shows “light drinking while pregnant may lead to calm babies”, according to a headline in today’s Independent. Published today, the findings, from the International College of Epidemiology, classify light drinking as one to two units a week. I always thought a little of what you fancy does you good (especially after the first trimester). Here’s a link to the BBC report

  43. a little late on the bandwagon- congratulations. I am excited to hear such great news. I’d love to hear news about the baby as time passes.

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