Introduction To My World

Mallika Basu - Introduction To My World

Posted 7th April 2008

21 responses to “Introduction To My World”

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  2. Maninas says:

    Hahaha love the Mark&Sparks-uesque comment at the end!

  3. Srivalli says:

    mallika thats a nice video!

  4. Srivalli says:

    video looks great!

  5. Noël says:

    V. cute video! I just found your saag paneer recipe via Google and I’m going to try it tonite…Cheers!

  6. Bijoya says:

    This is surreal…I do a google for kosha mangsho and land up in mallika basu’s site!!! hope you still remember me – bijoya (mahapatra)….LMG..yes I know…eons ago!! 🙂 are u in london coz if so, we need to meet up! do mail… 🙂 p.s love the you-tube clip!

  7. Bijoya says: email didn’t show up…its

  8. Adnan says:

    i was just searching how to cook okra (bhindi) on google and i came across your website its absolute fantastic i tried and not only me my friends and some of their friends also enjoyed a lot. No doubt i became a fan of you because of your delicious recipe.
    Have a good day and keep it up.

    although i am not indian but my ensisters were so

    Jay India
    Jay Apna Food

  9. naush says:

    it was great 2 c u after so long-even if it was a video clip.waiting to try out your recipes now.

  10. lee says:

    You are SO hot.

  11. Shilpa says:

    Hey, you have the makings of a star! You’re a natural! 🙂 Keep it up, babe!

  12. mandira says:

    cool video mallika!

  13. Thanks for your article, Now there is more reason to comment than ever before! This is a great fir for our project!

  14. dollybasu says:

    u look great in the video.

  15. Lee says:

    You should get a proper knife and hold it properly. For someone who apparently cooks such great food, the knife in this video is criminally bad. You shouldn’t have to saw at an onion for goodness’ sake!

    Check these two videos…

  16. hi! do you know where I can download the american chopper theme song (mp3)?, thank you..! Mike.

  17. Mallika says:

    Lee – you haven’t seen the rest of my abysmal knife collection yet. The truth is I am petrified of slicing my fingernails off when I chop. I have since improved dramatically… promise!

  18. Read was interesting, stay in touch……

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  19. Awseome article, I am a big believer in leaving comments on blogs to help the blog writers know that theyve added something useful to the world wide web!

  20. Dimple Dhaware says:

    Very helpful article!!
    Your work is like an inspiration to the new bloggers like me ????

  21. Dimple Dhaware says:

    Very helpful article!!
    Your work is like an inspiration to the new bloggers like me ????

    Happy blogging !!

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