The right Indian exit

Mallika Basu - The right Indian exit

Posted 2nd August 2007

mother-party.jpgI said goodbye to mother this week with a heavy heart and a full belly.

The boozy Saturday night in before she left, we decided to have a mid-week party. My two Indian girlfriends would bring a dish each, mother would cook two dishes and hubby and his French best mate would eat for England.

Theoretically the easiest dinner party I’ve ever thrown. But this being the Basu household, things quickly unravelled.

Mother’s one kilo of prawns were not the shelled variety. On returning from work, I was handed a stainless steel bowl and strict peeling instructions.

Then one girlfriend arrived sans food. Too drunk on Saturday to remember the dinner party involved pot luck, she hastily made a beeline to buy the ingredients for her speciality anda raita.

While I sampled the other friend’s potato curry (aloo dum), hubby’s Irish, Indian food hating best mate called to say he was locked out and needed somewhere to go.

Before I knew it, he arrived, the group had collectively smashed two glasses, my dining table vase and overcooked the dal.Â

We calmed down as my Russian friend arrived and soon eight people were sitting squashed around a table for four talking food, epilators, love and life and devouring anda raita, aloo dum, lentils cooked with oranges, mustard prawn curry and basmati rice straight out of pots and pans.

My top tips for a perfectly simple dinner party?

  • Cook the food beforehand and leave them in their pots
  • Reheat the pots and serve the food in them
  • Make large portions of a few dishes – it’s always easier to make bigger portions rather than new dishes
  • Use fancy ingredients not complicated recipes to impress

I would say get others to cook the food, but that wouldn’t quite work as a regular thing. Very sad to say goodbye to mother, but what an exit…

10 responses to “The right Indian exit”

  1. sandeepa says:

    Did you stand on top of your friend’s head to take this pic ? Looks amazing !!!

    Saw your comment. Make the other Musurir Dal on my blog, the one that is made with panch phoron. The Panch Phoron makes it taste much better.

  2. Anita says:

    Yes, tell about the pic… 😀

    That was quite a motley crowd you got there – what did the Irish friend eat? And I had never heard of anda raita before!

  3. Mahua says:

    Wow, anda raita, never heard of it. Have to include it in the menu in my next dinner party. Looks like you had a fun time with your mom 🙂 .

  4. Asha says:

    Looks like vultures hogging the meat!!:D
    What a colorful(literally!) bunch of friends you have!! Loved reading it.
    Menu looks great to me,post Anda raita recipe later.Great tips too.
    Have a great weekend,you must be missing your mom! Hugs:)

  5. sia says:

    err…from where did u take this pic mallika??? 😉
    and more imp question is how did u manage to stay away from temptation and take pics when everyone were busy hogging delicious food? u do have gr8 self-control i say;)

  6. Mallika says:

    Hubby got on a chair, tilted the camera downwards and click-clicked. We were all amazed at how well the photo came out!

    He has amazing self control. Or rather doesn’t really have a choice, he he…

  7. sandeepa says:

    did you make aluposto and dal finally ? Inspired I made alu posto over the weekend too but this time I made Kalai er Dal

  8. vanessa says:

    Funny – have you read today’s Guardian? I thought of you when I was watching the Indian programme (well, I thought of you and your Mum really!), and then this was in the paper today:,,2143193,00.html

  9. Wendy says:

    Oddly enough, this sounds like a great night! Lots of fun! Or is that just my distance and your hindsight, I wonder…

  10. Usha says:

    Love your blog … how about the receipe for ‘lentils cooked with oranges’ and ‘mustard prawn curry’… Thanks ….

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