From the Olympics to Frying Onions

Mallika Basu - From the Olympics to Frying Onions

Posted 8th November 2006

I had disastrous luck travelling to a client meeting this morning. A broken down van caused a traffic pile-up for miles. And when I jumped out of the taxi to take a train, I found London’s east-bound public transport had ground to a halt because of the World Travel Market event.

How will a city that can’t handle a few thousand visitors to a trade fair cope with the onslaught that is the Olympics? Time to move back to Mother India methinks…

Anyway, now to the more important issue of frying onions.

You will have noticed how a lot of my recipes start with the “heat the oil, fry the onions”. The onions in most cases have to fry until either they’re translucent or a golden brown in colour.

Golden brown is the tricky one. If they’re too dark then they might burn when you add the rest of the spices. But if they’re too light they’ll stay raw and hard.

I found the perfect post today about the art of the fried onion. Read this and never cry over an onion again (well, almost).

P.S. = Today was going to be recipe day but my hubby’s out checking out some location for his next shoot and didn’t get around to sending me the pix today. Saag aloo and malai gobi are next on the menu…

5 responses to “From the Olympics to Frying Onions”

  1. Asha says:

    Sorry abt terrible commute you have to go through.

    Onion link is good, great help for novice cooks.

    Can’t wait for your recipes, will be baack!:))

  2. Deana says:

    Oh that does help! I think I always burn them.

    I’m hoping we live in London in time for the Olympics! 😀

  3. Trupti says:

    Thanks for the link, Mallika…..I always end up burning my onions too, and then I have to start all over again…..though one time, they did end up caramelizing nicely, but that was just that ONE time. Damn.


  4. Mallika says:

    Asha – I have just been admiring the delights on your blog. There are so may gorgeous recipes out there and so little time to cook…

  5. […] Slowly but surely, the irrestistible aromas of an Indian box will penetrate your kitchen and soon you’ll be an uber professional with frying onions and sizzling whole cumin. That’s the objective anyway, and it seems to be working! […]

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