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Posted 27th October 2006

9574.jpgIt’s not been a good week for Indian cooking. I’ve had adjust my focus from dhal to driving lessons. And I would take dhal anyday.

I’m not sure why driving isn’t losing popularity? Clutch control is infinitely more complicated than chopping, stirring and following recipes. But some may beg to differ.

Mind you three pots is the most I’d have going at any one given cooking session. Imagine using three just to make dhal? Hang in there buddy, there is hope yet.

Anyway, focus is most definitely shifting back to Indian cooking this weekend. I thought I’ll make some chana or chick peas. It’ll have to be dead easy, as always, to fit around the whirl of weekend activitiy.

Also, to explain the coin image alongside this post, supermarket vouchers are up for grabs to all UK residents. You need to play to win. This could be just the thing you need to get you started on your Indian food Odyssey.

7 responses to “Cooking etc”

  1. Mangs says:

    you wont believe! i was going to beg for a rajma or chana recipe cos i have both the daals but then figured it was would be super rude to request. but yay. im so glad!! send, send. also have a doubt on your paneer recipe which, by the way, was really excellent. my mum is most bewildered. me? cooking?!

  2. Tom Nutt says:

    The link to the Coinstar website doesn’t work! Keep up the good work………!

  3. Mallika says:

    Of course it does, you pillock! Stop putting people off using your site!!

  4. hugh says:

    Whoops! I think I should confess, I fixed the link to the Coinstar site, and didn’t mention it – Hugh (Mallika’s occasional web fixer)

  5. Mallika says:

    Sorry Tom. You are not a pillock after all. I am.

    Hugh you are my Mr Fix it! Thank you, thank you…

  6. […] Hugh Fraser is the mother (maybe father) of all blog developers, a real blog consultant and my occasional tinkering technician. […]

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