Easy Indian Chutneys

Mallika Basu - Easy Indian Chutneys

My 3 sq. ft. balcony has transformed into an Amazon Jungle. All the talking to the leaves on G&Ts, copious amounts of fertilizer and enthusiastic over planting has finally paid off. In fact, the small pot of mint I bought in the supermarket has turned into a veritable bush. It has banished the basil to a small corner and is viciously eyeing the giant Jasmine creeper. The best thing about my mini jungle of course is that I can enjoy my own seasonal herbs, without swapping heels for wellies. Which brings me on to seasonal eating. This is something I've become very conscious of recently. Mainly because fruits and vegetables taste better when they are in season. Sadly, Indian cooking requires a lot of ingredients that call for unseasonal eating. Like tomatoes. But the simplest recipes that demand top notch quality are best attempted when the ingredients are in season. Like these two easy Indian chutneys - Tomato and Pudina (mint). Chutneys are Indian condiments that are made fresh and usually not fermented. They can accompany kebabs. Simply sparkle as dips. And control overzealous plants. PS = This is my entry to Maninas who is on a mission to get us Eating with the Seasons


Tomato chutney

Roughly chop the tomatoes and grate the ginger. Bring the oil to heat in a small pot over a high flame.

When it starts sizzling, break in the red chilli and add the ginger. Sir fry for a minute until the ginger turns pale golden. Then add the tomaotes and cook on a high flame until they disintegrate.

Now add the sugar and raisins and stir for another five minutes until the tomatoes take on a jam-like texture. Cool, store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to five days and enjoy.

Pudina chutney

Discard any hard stalks on the mint. Whizz all the ingredients in a blender and add salt to taste. Store as the tomato chutney.

This is especially delicious as a dip with vegetable cutlets or tikkis like this. Or smother fish with this before grilling and serve with salad.

12 responses to “Easy Indian Chutneys”

  1. RedChillies says:

    ‘amazon jungle’? You have the green thumb, Mallika. Me on the other hand, “killer thumb”, I just manage to kill the poor plants.
    Hey, loved the version of your chutneys. Tomato with raisin and ginger adds a unique flavor.

  2. Eeshani says:

    My grandmother used to make something like your tomato chutney. It was always fabulous. I’d pour like half a pound of the chutney onto a “luchi” and gobble it up. Thank you for bringing back the memories!

  3. Mallika says:

    I love pudina chutney . In summer I blend chopped raw mango , one green chilli and a bunch of mint leaves with salt to make pudina chutney to eat as sandwich spread or simply with rotis .or add a teaspoon to a tub of whipped yogurt . Simply yummy!

  4. Maninas says:

    Gorgeous entry! Thank you!
    I love both chutney! and will definitely make them both!
    The photo is gorgeous, too. vibrant colours, interesting things going on in the photo!

  5. I am totally with you on the seasonal eating thing. I do try to do it as much as I can. I have a nice basil plant on my veranda – the only thing that grew in this Florida heat! Next year I am getting buckets and we are planting tomatoes!!

  6. David says:

    I’ve finally managed to keep a basil plant going for a month, I might try mint now too! Looks like a tasty chutney.

  7. Bharti says:

    My friend planted some mint in her backyard a few years ago. It is now a bush!! It’s just so crazy to walk in there and see a mint bush. The good thing is fresh mint is a short walk away in the summers for me. Lovely condiments. Never heard of raisins in a tomato chutney before.

  8. Pooh says:

    Very nice!
    This year was my first attempt at gardening. Gosh it’s a lot of work to get a good tomato!

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  10. Cursed with plant-killing fingers myself, I am proud I can keep mint going. Chives is an easy one too for us plant-killers. My big success this summer was salad leaves (including hot fiery mustard). The trick is to buy a plant already established.

  11. Padma says:

    I an a die-hard garden lover/grower but here I cannot grow my own veggies or herbs as I don’t have a balcony in my apartment. I envy you on this 🙁

    needless to say both chutney’s love incredibly fresh and soothing my senses!

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